Members' Representatives Meeting

As usual in cooperatives of this size, the Members' Representatives Meeting of DATEV takes the place of the general meeting of all members and takes up its tasks. The elected representatives exercise their rights in the affairs of the cooperative in the Members' Representatives Meeting. In contrast to a member of the general meeting, who can make his or her own interests the basis of all decisions, the representatives have the general mandate of all members. They exercise their function in the interest of the cooperative and are not bound to instructions from individual members.

The tasks of the Members' Representatives Meeting result from the provisions of the law and the statutes. The Members' Representatives Meeting decides on amendments to the statutes, establishes the statement of accounts, decides on the utilization of the annual surplus, approval of the actions of the Executive and Supervisory Boards and elects the members' representatives of the Supervisory Board. The tasks of the Members' Representatives Meeting are laid down in § 24 and § 33 of the Statutes of DATEV. Since the reform of the Cooperative Societies Act in 1973, the Members' Representatives Meeting can no longer make management decisions (DATEV Statutes).

The Members' Representatives Meeting must be held within the first six months of the business year and at DATEV it usually takes place in the second half of June. The Executive Board also informs the representatives every year prior to the Members' Representatives Meeting in regional information meetings about the past business year, important plans and current affairs of the cooperative. The regional information meetings are not decision-making bodies, but serve for mutual information and agreement with regard to an effective course of the Members' Representatives Meeting.

Members' Representatives Meeting

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