DATEV's Public Proceeding Register according to § 4e Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG)

Particulars of the body responsible (§ 4e paragraph 1 no. 1-3 BDSG)

1. Name

(registered at the Nuremberg Registry Court GenReg No. 70)

2. Managing Board

Prof. Dieter Kempf (chairman)
Dr. Robert Mayr (deputy chairman)
Eckhard Schwarzer (deputy chairman)
Dr. Peter Krug
Jörg Rabe von Pappenheim

Manager Data Processing

Lothar Lux, degree in business administration/qualified engineer (manager production)

Data Protection Registrar

Rudolf Berthold Gerhard, graduate mathematician (manager data protection)

3. Address

Postal address:
90329 Nuremberg

Paumgartnerstrasse 6 - 14
90429 Nuremberg
Phone +49 911 319-0

Particulars of the Automated Data Processing Procedures (§ 4e paragraph 1 no. 4-9 BDSG)

4. Business Purpose/Objectives of DATEV and Data Processing

4.1 Derived from the DATEV statutes its business purpose is the economic support of its members (§2 para. 1 no. 1 of the statutes).

4.2 Issue of the business is to support its members concerning their professional activities, especially with data processing and telecommunication services, with developing and providing EDP systems as well as providing further services and ancillary services (§2 para. 1 no. 2 of the statutes).

4.3 Target of DATEV's services according to §3 DATEV statutes are tax consultants, tax agents, lawyers, auditors, attested public accountants, their clients and other authorized addressees in accordance with the statutes' content.

4.4 Main purpose is the collecting, processing and using of order data. Among others, personal data is collected, processed and used within the scope of customer, supplier and staff adminstration as well as other purposes (e. g. business partner and interested parties' management), too.

5. Definition of Target Groups Concerned and Relevant Data or Data Categories

Relevant target groups result from the definition of the business purpose (no. 4). It concerns the following data categories, and basically differs between order data and internal data needed for DATEV's own purposes:

5.1 Order Data
The complete order data processing is excepted from disclosure requirements because the customer is solely responsible for this data. There is an overview of DATEV's current support offer in the German language as well as further information on data protection.

5.2 Data Used for DATEV's Own Purposes (Internal Data)

- Customers'/debtors' data: e. g. contact, address, contract, payment and control data of members and other debtors, e. g. clients.

- Suppliers'/creditors' data: e. g. contract master, accounting and control data of suppliers and service providers (EDP service, licences, consulting services, educational institutes, maintenance, workmen, cleaning)

- Personal data: e. g. planning, contract master and accounting data of applicants/employees/pensioners/other beneficiaries

- Other personal data: data of other business partners (e. g. system partners, chambers, associations, banks and authorities), data for interested parties' management, visitors' adminstration, video surveyance etc.

6. Recipients or Categories of Recipients that May be Given Personal Data (no. 5.2)

- Public bodies, as far as required by prior regulations

- Internal bodies as far as this data is needed there for duly carrying out all tasks

- Service providers (§11 BDSG) called in for duly handling business matters

- External bodies for duly carrying out all purposes mentioned in no. 4

7. Regular Periods for Deleting Data

Data deleting is carried out after the expiry of the legal, statutory or contract retention periods.

As far as data is not affected by this, it will be deleted when the purposes mentioned in number 4 no longer applies.

8. Planned Data Transfer to Third Countries

At the moment no data transfer to third countries is planned.

Should the transfer of data to third countries be necessary in special circumstances, it is only carried out according to the legal admissibility regulations according to §§ 4b and c BDSG.

9. Further Information

The general descripction of precautions and measures taken by DATEV for data protection and data security according to § 9 BDSG gives further information.

As of July 2014

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