DATEV Committees

Supervisory Board

The supervisory board appoints and dismisses the DATEV the board members and monitors the executive board in its management.

The supervisory board's duties are defined by law and the cooperative's statutes. They are specified in more detail in the cooperative code which DATEV acknowledges.

The supervisory board consists of twelve members, and according to the Co-determination act, it provides equal representation. Six members of the supervisory board are associates of the members' representatives meeting, whereas six employee representatives are elected by the cooperative's employees. The term of office of the supervisory board is four years.

To support its work, the supervisory board establishes from its ranks an audit committee as well as a compensation committee. According to section 27 paragraph 3 of the Co-determination act, a mediation committee is appointed. The supervisory board reports to the member's representative meeting on its activities and the auditing of financial statements, the management report and board's proposal on the appropriation of profits.


Nicolas Hofmann, tax consultant

Deputy Chairman

Manfred Hinzer, master of business administration

Further Members

Peter Bach, DATEV employee
Alfred Gesierich, tax consultant, graduate diploma in business administration
Thomas Funke, doctor of engineering
Markus Gutenberg, tax consultant
Angelika Klidas, master of computer science
Horst Mailer, DATEV employee
Gertrud Rottner, DATEV employee
Wolfgang Wagner, tax consultant, auditor, graduate diploma in business administration
Sabine Wirsching, tax consultant
Nicola Zell, lawyer, specialized lawyer for tax law