Attractive Place to Work

The Employer DATEV

In addition to numerous awards for our products, DATEV has also been able to win various awards as an employing company. Several studies distinguish DATEV as an attractive employer.

Great Place to Work


Since 2010 DATEV has participated in this competition which takes place every three years. Among 500 participating companies from Germany, DATEV achieved second place in the size category of companies with more than 5000 employees in 2016 (so did DATEV in 2013). First place went to Volkswagen FinancialServices, third place to Roche. This award represents companies from the employees point of view. Employees value DATEV's trustworthy, respectful, and attractive workplace culture. An anonymous survey among DATEV employees shows that they are very affiliated to their company. Furthermore, 87% honor the attractive social benefits that DATEV offers and another 89% of employees agree with the statement that they have a very good job at DATEV.



The Trendence Graduate Barometer exists since 1999 as the largest and most comprehensive study of its kind. The barometer presents Germany’s top 100 employers in the field of business, IT, engineering, and law. This ranking is based on students' opinions about companies in Germany. As in previous years, DATEV was thus a very interesting and attractive company for graduates.

Fair Company


In 2004, the Fair Company initiative was launched by the job and business magazine "Junge Karriere" together with 37 founding companies. Today, 1,500 companies have joined the project according to their own statements in order to work together for a fairer treatment of interns and to prevent the exploitation of the so-called "generation internship".

Companies that receive the "Fair Company" award follow five golden rules: they do not substitute full-time positions with interns, alleged volunteers or guest students. They do not put off university graduates who have applied for a permanent position with an internship, do not bait interns with the vague prospect of a subsequent full-time position. These companies offer internships primarily for vocational guidance during the training phase and pay interns adequately.

The adherence to these rules is regularly checked by the editors of "Junge Karriere". In addition, it is also possible for those affected to report violations of a company's rules on the website. If a company exceeds the regulations several times, the award is withdrawn.

DATEV has been one of the award-winning companies since its inception and continues to carry this distinction today.

Family and Career


DATEV eG was awarded the audit berufundfamilie® certificate by the non-profit Hertie Foundation for the fifth time in 2017. This makes the cooperative one of 19 employers nationwide who have successfully participated in the auditing process since 2004. This is a confirmation of the successful implementation of measures for a better balance between work and family life.

DATEV thus cultivates a tradition that is widely discussed in society and politics. Flexible working hours between 6 a. m. and 8 p. m. as well as flexible breaks, part-time work even during parental leave, working from home, and a wide range of information on the intranet are just a few of the building blocks of our concept. For the extensive catalogue of family-friendly measures, DATEV received the audit berufundfamilie® certificate.

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