DATEV's european subsidiaries

DATEV Austria

Coordinated software and services provide an integrated solution for auditors, tax consultants, and their clients. Whether accounting, office management, human resources, information technology or cloud computing, DATEV offers clever solutions.

What does do?

DATEV's subsidiary GmbH offers software solutions and services for the Austrian auditing and tax consulting profession. The focus is on the so-called "Digmatisierung", i.e., digital and automated working methods in accounting and office management as well as the certification of tax consultants with a DATEV quality seal. This development for integrated programmes is based on the knowhow and cooperation with Austrian tax consultants and auditors. DATEV Austria supports the profession and its clients with training and consulting services.

Why is "Digmatisierung" so important?

DATEV Austria is convinced that digital and automated working methods are profitable in many ways regarding the digital transformation of the tax consulting and auditing sector. Professionals and companies can gain a competitive advantage, generate revenue by offering value-added services and increase their cost efficiency by streamlining processes.

When was DATEV Austria founded?

DATEV Austria was founded in Vienna in 2001 to serve the Austrian auditing and tax consulting profession and its clients. In 2003, DATEV Austria opened a sales office in Linz. DATEV Austria benefits from its experience in digitalisation and automation. Based on this experience, DATEV Austria is the market leader.