DATEV's european subsidiaries

DATEV Czech Republic/Slovakia

The foreign branch office of DATEV eG provides services and software for Czech, Slovak and German customers, mainly in the field of tax consulting, auditing and accounting. The aim of the branch office is to build on the services of the German parent company and provide quality and professional support in the use of DATEV software in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

What does DATEV eG, branch office do?

One of the priorities of the Czech/Slovak branch office of DATEV eG is to assist in the consolidation of accounting data between parent companies in Germany that use the DATEV - Rechnungswessen program and their subsidiaries (branches) in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and possibly elsewhere. The subsidiaries (branches) account in their national accounting software and the accounting data from these software can then be converted via the DATEV Converter tool into the German accounting software. This service is often used for controlling and reporting by international companies.

Through the DATEV software, the CZ/SK branch office also supports Czech and Slovak auditors and tax advisors. It supplies them with professional software solutions for their demanding and professional profession. Thanks to the DATEV - AUDIT and DATEV - TAX programs, it gives them the possibility of continuous control over the entire process of processing an audit engagement or tax return.

Last but not least, the Czech branch office of DATEV offers its customers the ERP Money program for processing Czech accounting. This software is developed by the partner company Seyfor a.s. and thus completes the missing link of the entire offer of the Czech and Slovak branch office. Customers are mainly accounting and tax offices and manufacturing companies with parent companies in Germany.

When was DATEV eG, branch office founded?

In 2000, an independent company s.r.o. was established in the Czech Republic to support Czech and Slovak tax advisors and auditors with various software solutions. At the beginning of 2023, s.r.o. was transformed into DATEV eG, branch office and currently operates like any other DATEV eG subsidiary. The CZ/SK branch office is based in Brno, the city with the largest number of IT professionals and IT companies in the Czech Republic. The advantage of being based in Brno is also the proximity to the Slovak capital Bratislava and thus to the majority of Slovak customers.

DATEV eG, branch office CZ/SK cooperates closely with business partners such as Seyfor a.s. (formerly Solitea a.s. - the market leader in accounting software), the Chamber of Tax Advisors of the Czech Republic, the Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic and the Chamber of Auditors of the Slovak Republic.