DATEV's european subsidiaries

DATEV Czech Republic/Slovakia

Aligned software and services offer an integrated solution for auditors and tax consultants as well as their clients. An integrated data interface allows data import into the German accounting program for tax consultants (DATEV Kanzlei-Rechnungswesen). Whether accounting with MONEY S5 – DATEV, annual accounts with DATEV – BALANCE or annual auditing with DATEV – AUDIT, DATEV offers the perfect solution: From professionals to professionals.

What is doing?

The DATEV subsidiary supports auditors and tax consultants with professional software and services for the auditing and tax consulting profession in the Czech Republic as well as in Slovakia. DATEV offers software for Slovakian auditors, which is marketed by the Czech joint venture In order to provide Slovakian standards, DATEV eG has signed a framework contract of cooperation with the Slovakian Chamber of Auditors. Additionally, offers the DATEV Controlling Package international which easily enables the acquisition of all necessary financial accounting data between various accounting systems of various countries.

When was s.r.o founded? s.r.o. has supported Czech tax consultants and auditors with a wide range of software solutions since 2000. The headquarter is located in Brno – the city that hosts the majority of IT experts and IT enterprises of the Czech Republic. s.r.o. is engaged in a close cooperation with business partners such as KDP-DATEV, družstvo, Cigler Software (market leader in accounting software) as well as the Czech chamber of tax consultants and auditors.

CíGLER cooperation

For quite some time DATEV has cooperated with CíGLER Software. Founded in 1990 in Brno, CíGLER SOFTWARE AG and its subsidiaries in Czech Republic and Slovakia serve more than 40000 installations. The Czech software company obtains market leadership in the accounting sector in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Both DATEV and CíGLER developed MONEY S5 – DATEV especially for tax consultants, including a multi-language surface.