DATEV's European Office

In the Heart of Europe - About DATEV Information Office Brussels

Freedom of establishment, free trade, turnover of capital and services are embodied in the EU-treaty as the four basic principles of the European internal market. Companies are increasingly using the resulting possibilities.

In the Middle of Europe

Therefore, cross-border activities, European as well as international law and tax matters, become more and more important for tax consultants, auditors and lawyers. In order to represent the interests of DATEV and its members in a European context the cooperative keeps an information office in Brussels.

Brussels is the headquarters of the European Commission, the Council of Ministers of the European Union and the European Parliament. Now, 85 percent of the national economic legislation are initiated from here. Therefore, DATEV has abolished its "old" national frontiers in order to support its customers in the European competition and to escort them when meeting the new European challenges. The DATEV office for information in Brussels was founded in 1995 already. It is an important instrument of DATEV's activities in Europe.

Tasks of the Information Office

The information office observes the European legislation, reports on proposals for new EU law acts, notifications of the commission, council decisions and other initiatives. This way both managing board and special branches are topically informed about DATEV-relevant plans and tendencies on a European level. Through the information office DATEV is also represented in relevant European committees in Brussels which are of interest to the cooperative, its members and their clients. Regular contact with European institutions, other information offices and representatives from member states are part of its everyday business.


Besides standard topics such as tax and international accounting other areas are covered, too, for example electronic legal and business transactions, data protection and IT security, company law or European service law and profession laws. The company takes a stand on selected projects and relevant topics thus getting involved for the purposes of its members from the tax and legal consulting as well as auditing profession and their clients.