DATEV's European Subsidiaries


"According to DATEV eG's goal and history, DATEV KOINOS wants to support Italian tax consultants with high quality and reliable software and services."

Gaspare Luppino, Managing Director


What Is DATEV KOINOS s.r.l. Doing?

DATEV KOINOS s.r.l. is providing software and services for Italian tax consultants and their clients in Italy. It consists of two fields: develops and services software and supports clients with the provided software solutions. DATEV KOINOS aims at developing its Italian business by selling software solutions, cooperating with Italian organizations. Furthermore, they offer services and sales as well as seminars and publications for Italian Dottori Commercialisti (tax consultants) and Ragioneri (tax representatives).

When Was DATEV KOINOS s.r.l. Founded?

The Milanese tax consultant cooperative KOINOS and DATEV have been working together since 2001 as DATEV KOINOS s.r.l. and started developing software specifically tailored to the Italian market. The nearly 80 associates work in the Italian sites Milan, Assago and Salerno.

The Italian Portfolio

Aligned software and services offer an integrated solution for tax consultants, auditors, and their clients. Whether accounting and annual accounts with DATEV KOINOS Suite, office/document management with DATEV KOINOS Documenti or managing payslips with DATEV KOINOS Paghe - we provide competent solutions for your needs. An integrated data interface allows to import data into the German accounting program for tax consultants (DATEV Kanzlei-Rechnungswesen) and allows further data processing with other DATEV programs.

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