15 March 2016

20 Years of Brussels – A Report from our Information Office

For twenty years now, the DATEV Information Office in Brussels, Belgium, has been DATEV's eyes and ears at the EU constantly anticipating the changes Brussels could generate for tax advisers, clients, and DATEV.

Since September 1995, our branch in Brussels has an ear at the pulse of the European legislators and provides us with information on legislative proposals and regulations at EU level. This is not only important for our pioneers and software developers in Nuremberg but also for our customers and, therefore, some information flow directly into our public information database.

Happy Anniversary!

DATEV locations in Europe

Since 2009, the office has been managed by Ms. Mila Otto, lawyer, who is supported by one employee and changing trainees. One of their main tasks is to advise and offer assistance with decisions based on their wide range of knowledge and experience and also to pass on the relevant information to DATEV.

At this point, we would like to thank our team in Brussels for the good job they are doing and we wish a happy 20th anniversary!