13 May 2022

DATEV Beach Cleaner: Together for Nature

Sustainability is a key future trend highly relevant to both corporations and the tax consulting profession.

DATEV members see this relevance both in the areas of financing, reporting or supply chain due diligence as well as in their own consultancy (insulation, electricity and paper consumption) and concerning their employees. They now have much higher expectations of their employers' sustainability.

Nationwide Sustainability Campaign: Together for Nature

According to the motto "Together for Nature", DATEV is organising a nationwide sustainability campaign in 2022 with its sponsoring partner, the Beach Cleaner Initiative, as well as DATEV’s members and employees.

Clean up Your Own Backyard

World Oceans Day, an international ocean day, will be celebrated on 8 June 2022. In the weeks leading up to the event, DATEV is taking the opportunity to clean up its own backyard: in local parks, around lakes and along rivers, taking a stand against littering.

So Much Litter: Every Helping Hand Counts

A truckload of plastic is thrown into the oceans every minute. 80% of this is domestic and land-based and ends up in the sea via rivers. Litter has a huge impact on the underwater environment, its ecosystems and marine life, as well as on human health and survival. Every second breath contains oxygen from the ocean.

And, of course, plastic waste is also extremely harmful on land: babies can be poisoned by discarded cigarette butts, and birds can die horribly after ingesting plastic waste. Set a good example by joining a local clean-up event with your family, children, grandchildren or colleagues. It's the perfect way to get started and make a difference. Children especially will love it. A clean-up event is easy to organise and creates visibility and awareness.

Find out more about this event and the Beachcleaner Initiative here.