9 December 2021

DATEV Branch Offices Celebrate 50th Anniversary

In 1971, DATEV founded the first branch offices outside Nuremberg – then called “information offices”.

In the autumn of 1971 branch offices in Hamburg, Hanover, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt/Main were inaugurated. Goal of this expansion was to keep in close touch with our members.

Right now, these five branches celebrate their 50th anniversary. Hamburg started the celebrations off. Meeting all required 2G-Covid-requirements about 200 invited guests got together. Most of them were members of the cooperative, but also representatives of associations and organizations as well as partners. They met on the Emporio-Tower’s rooftop – which not only offered a breathtaking view of the Hanseatic city but also a varied program.

Looking Back and to the Future DATEV Branch Offices

Branch head Elisabeth Schönfeld looked back at the past 50 years during which the Hamburg branch office had to manage big projects and topics – such as the reunification with its consequences for the profession, the millennium, the SEPA introduction, the currency conversion and, last but not least, the Covid pandemic. Following this review Elisabeth Schönfeld gave all participants a look ahead not only to Hamburg’s future branch office but all DATEV branch offices. The project “branch of the future” will develop DATEV branch offices into sites for meeting, working, and exchange – not only for DATEV staff, but also for members, partners, and customers.

Customer Observation Instead of Customer Questioning

Following Elisabeth Schönfeld’s explanations, Prof. Dr. Peter Krug, DATEV’s Chief Markets Officer as of July, took the floor. In his speech he looked at DATEV’s vision and the profession’s future. He also explained how DATEV plans to identify customer demands: “In future we don’t want to question our customers but to observe their behavior in order to learn from them, enabling us to design our solutions precisely matching our customers’ demands”.

CeBIT Memories

Yet another anniversary celebration took place in Hanover. More than almost any other site outside Nuremberg the city of Hanover is closely connected to DATEV. The reason being the “Centrum für Büroautomation, Informationstechnologie und Telekommunikation“ (Center for office automation, information technology, and telecommunication), better known as CeBIT. The IT trade fair, which took place in 1986 for the first and in 2017 for the last time, had been one of the most important meeting places of DATEV, its members, partners, and customers as well as representatives of organizations and associations.

The originally five DATEV information offices, later rebranded to DATEV information centers (DIZ) have by now grown to more than 20 branches all over Germany, from Kiel to Freiburg, from Koblenz to Dresden. Also, there are DATEV branches abroad, among others in Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Italy.