24 August 2018

New Record: 13 Million Payslips Via DATEV

The number of employees receiving their payslips via DATEV reached a historic high of over 13 million in July 2018.

This growth is due to DATEV's customer base. The majority of new jobs are generated in medium-sized enterprises, most of them outsourcing their payroll accounting to their tax consultant. More than 1.4 million enterprises in Germany are using this service.

This trend is strengthened by two developments: Due to constant new legal regulations the complexity of payroll accounting increases. For enterprises it is getting difficult to find highly specialized staff.

The number of employees whose payroll accounting is carried out with DATEV software is growing strongly. Over the past two years it increased by one million. In June 2016, the IT service provider passed the 12 million mark for the first time.

More Employees Receive Digital Payslips

DATEV is pleased with growth rates in the portal DATEV Arbeitnehmer online – Online Collaboration for Employees. In June there were more than 500,000 users, thus doubling within only one year. Behind half a million of employees there are about 27,000 enterprises using Arbeitnehmer online for distributing payslips to their staff.

For further details see DATEV's annual report summary 2017 .