13 August 2021

DATEV Continues Sustainable Growth

The IT developer records an increase in sales by 4.4 percent in the first half of the year 2021 – the goal is climate neutrality by 2030.

For the first six months of the year DATEV continued its growth track: Until June 30th sales increased by 4.4 percent compared to the same time period in the previous year. The turnover was 594.1 million euros. “During the pandemic DATEV continued to show strength and capacity. That way it was able to be a true help for the profession and the medium-sized economy in Germany”, says Dr. Robert Mayr, CEO of DATEV eG.

The development teams carry out all legally required changes in DATEV programs to this day every three weeks. Last year that was the case for approximately 280 programs – more than double than the average of previous years. Reliable information was also in demand: DATEV's documents containing the continuously updated information about the Corona-pandemic were viewed over 1.9 million times between June 2020 and May 2021 by consultancies and enterprises.

“In the first half of 2021, we again see a strong surge in growth with our cloud-based offers”, states Diana Windmeißer, CFO. The web portal “DATEV Arbeitnehmer online" (DATEV employee online) where you can digitally retrieve your payslips, reached the mark of 2 million users in June. That’s twice the amount than two years ago. The number of users of “DATEV Unternehmen online”, a digital solution for the collaboration between consultancies and enterprises, grew in the first half of the year by approximately 40,000, resulting in a total of 310,000 users. Perspectively, DATEV will transfer the rest of their on-site solutions into the DATEV cloud world. This connects processes to extensive collaboration scenarios and growing automation, says Mayr.

Between January and end of June DATEV attracted 39,000 new customers. The total amount of customers now lies at around 444,000. Even during the pandemic the cooperation employed professionals and newcomers: By the end of June the overall number of employees was 8,202. (31 December 2020: 8,125; 30 June 2020: 8,013). “After these challenging times, I am even more convinced: Our focus on sustainable growth and the digital transformation of our company, that is necessary for this endeavor, has paid off”, states Mayr.

DATEV Wants to Go Climate-Neutral Until 2030

The comprehensive DATEV sustainability strategy includes economical as well as ecological and social aspects of sustainability – and plays into all planning and decision-making processes. Part of this strategy is to further reinforce the cooperation’s efforts for climate protection: “I am proud of our resolution to go climate-neutral by 2030”, says Mayr. To reach that goal concrete steps are now being planned – for example to drastically reduce CO2-emissions and further improve DATEV's energy efficiency.

“For DATEV sustainability isn’t a passing trend but has always been a significant part of our corporate philosophy”, explains Diana Windmeißer. This also includes the responsible handling of natural resources. The first internal environmental guidelines were established in 1996 already. Since 2014, DATEV only obtains green electricity – supplemented by four photovoltaic systems of its own. Moreover, DATEV continuously undertakes green IT-measures like the installation of more efficient cooling systems in its computer centers. In addition, the waste heat of the computer centers is used to heat the office building at the company site DATEV I. Digitalization in consultancies and companies also supports environmental and climate protection by helping preserve resources.

In the sense of transparency all measures at DATEV are regularly evaluated by independent auditors. The cooperation creates, inter alia, a declaration according to the German Sustainability Code, a transparency standard across all sectors.

Successful And Stable Business Year 2020

These comprehensive measures and investments are possible because DATEV is able to build up on a solid foundation: In the past years the IT provider was able to record a constant positive turnover development. According to the annual accounts, determined on 25 June by the representative’s assembly, turnover increased in the pandemic year 2020 by 5.1 percent to 1.156 billion euros. Contributing to the economic success were the sales companies in Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Poland. Their revenue overall reached over 26 million euros in 2020 (2019: 23.9 million euros). Despite Covid-19 and the fact that these countries were particularly affected by the pandemic.

The DATEV operating result is a total of 71.6 million euros in the previous business year – eleven million more than in 2019. The reason for that was the operating expense, which didn’t increase much compared to turnover. Because of the pandemic there were for example significantly fewer in-person events and meetings as well as business trips. At the same time DATEV invested 78 million euros in even more effective, energy-efficient servers and storage systems in its computer centers.

Of course, members of the cooperation also partake in these overall very successful developments: They receive a cooperative reimbursement of five percent from the refund capable sales. That’s a total of 47.1 million euros net. They obtained 45.4 million euros in the previous year.