30 September 2018

DATEV Cooperates with Software Providers

This marketplace offers branch-specific solutions with DATEV interface: DATEV-Marktplatz.

Digital cooperation between tax consultant and client faces increasing challenges. To meet these demands both sides need new digital possibilities to work together. Looking ahead, DATEV cannot meet all requirements of each branch – therefore branch-specific solutions of other providers were connected to DATEV products. Thus, DATEV-Marktplatz, the DATEV marketplace, was founded in 2012.

It helps the consulting process by offering partner solutions that meet individual client requirements. Companies listed in DATEV-Marktplatz are categorized in DATEV-Software-Partner and "Anbieter mit DATEV-Schnittstelle", partners providing a DATEV interface.


Every software provider whose programs have one or more DATEV interfaces und who supports the basic principle of the cooperative for the tax consulting profession – promotion of its members – can become a provider of software with DATEV interface. The interface between this third-party software and the DATEV solutions has to pass a technical test flawlessly.


DATEV-Software-Partner basically meet the same requirements. However, their offers are actively chosen by DATEV. Future partners undergo an extended selection process. For example, professional sales structures and services are required. Also, DATEV-Software-Partner are characterized by a close cooperation with DATEV concerning the interface’s further development. Therefore, DATEV explicitly recommends these solutions.

As of today, about 150 solutions of national and international software cooperation partners can be found on the DATEV-Marktplatz, offering a great choice of branch-specific supplementing DATEV solutions. The marketplace therefore offers many software solutions for enterprises. They supplement the DATEV product portfolio and help tax consultants and their clients to jointly shape individual processes in the digital world. And partner enterprises also benefit from being part of DATEV-Marktplatz. They can find new customers and use the DATEV logo for marketing purposes. This process helps all.

To get an overview of DATEV-Marktplatz and the solutions of DATEV software cooperation partners, visit the DATEV marketplace (in German).