Joined Systems

DATEV Ecosystem

The corporate digital DATEV ecosystem is our concept of digital transformation in the business community. It joins business subjects relevant for our members - with a system of digitalization, automation, and networking.

The term "digital ecosystem" describes a new form of networking, joining software ecosystems, technological platforms, and business ecosystems. It focuses on the advantages resulting from the improved communication between all partners involved. The consultancy is the pivot, being the central partner, key player, and service provider, therefore indispensable part of many clients' processes.

This is the DATEV ecosystem

DATEV & Partner

DATEV's comprehensive offer of software, service, and knowledge is supplemented by selected partners, contributing their specialized competences for the benefit of our customers.


The ecosystems of authorities, public bodies, and banking industries institutions, closely joined through statutory provisions and regulations, are of great importance for our members in their daily business.

Our Clients' Ecosystems

In our clients' business ecosystems there are digital tools, such as ERP software or digital payment systems, as well as their partners' and thier tax consultants' systems.

New Target Groups

Besides existing clients, emloyees, eGovernment, and DATEV partners the digital ecosystems allows further partners, possibly relevant for our members' success, to join.