20 January 2020

DATEV Ecosystem

A short overview of the ecosystem's history and its future development.

DATEV ecosystem keeps growing. In 2019, the amount of solutions offered by DATEV cooperation partners on the DATEV market place, DATEV-Marktplatz, rose from 141 to 208 solutions supplementing DATEV’s product portfolio. Also the number of clicks of DATEV-Marktplatz rose from 39,000 per month at the beginning of the year to over 50,000 at the end of the year.

New offers on DATEV-Marktplatz in 2019 are products for business planning and cooperative groups als well as ERP solutions for bakeries, thus covering additional functions and software requirements of further target groups. The document management system ELO and the tool MailStore for e-mail archiving are recommended solutions replacing the discontinued DATEV products.

Quality Improvement

Besides the future development of DATEV ecosystem regarding new partner solutions for various functions and sectors, the focus in 2019 was on quality improvement. Connecting partner solutions via modern online interfaces, DATEVconnect online, allows data transfer to DATEV with only a few clicks, without media disruption and on a high security level. The intermediate target is to connect most of the DATEV-Marktplatz solutions via DATEVconnect online interface to DATEV programs. The amount of partner solutions connected via online interfaces rose from 26 to 50 in 2019. The amount of databases receiving data via DATEVconnect rose from about 2,100 to 16,000.

To simplify searching DATEV-Marktplatz’s growing software offer for suitable solutions, the website was refined. For example, recommended solutions now have a label "recommended“ and partner solutions specified for certain branches are labelled "branch expert“. Additionally, the search function was optimized and a comparison survey of listed scanner solutions was introduced showing several criteria to differentiate the applications.

Future development

In 2020, the focus is on improving the quality of the partner solutions‘ interface integration. The amount of online interfaces of integrated cooperation partner solutions is to be increased strongly, the interface offer will be developed further. New software cooperations will be added to the DATEV ecosystem. In order to improve the DATEV-Marktplatz website further steps are planned such as introducing a rating system.