23 September 2020

DATEV Information Office Brussels

For 25 years DATEV has been present in Europe.

Since September 1995 DATEV has its own information office in Brussels.

Now as it is celebrating its 25-year existence it’s job is important as never before: Many up-to-date issues concerning the cooperative IT service provider DATEV, its members and their mainly SME clients, are debated and decided in the European capital – from digitalization to sustainability.

Its Mission in Brussels

Mila Otto and her team in Brussels make sure that DATEV is informed about bills and important developments on the European level and can react early. Also, they contribute DATEV’s expertise to the legislative procedures.

They are in a continuous dialogue with representatives from commission, parliament, and permanent representation, as well as organizations.

It is important to note: responsible representation of interests can only be based on transparency and coherence. The information office publishes all its position papers and can be found in the EU Transparency Register.