4 November 2021

DATEV Lab offers Salary Calculator skill for Amazon Alexa

The voice assistant system can calculate how much net you will get from your agreed gross salary.

How much net are you going to take home from your gross income? Ask Alexa, and she will immediately tell you how much net you will get from your agreed gross salary. DATEV Lab has released the Alexa Skill "DATEV Lab Gehaltsrechner" ("DATEV Lab Salary Calculator"), a payment calculator. Using a voice assistant, this Alexa skill can calculate your net salary from just a few details. The data can then be modified to see how a change in your tax class affects your net wages.

Voice recognition

Voice assistants are mainly used to play music or control home appliances. They are increasingly being used in the B2C context. Alexa has established itself as the market leader, along with Google's voice assistant and Apple's Siri. This is why DATEV decided to test Alexa in cooperation with Amazon and explore all the possibilities in the B2B context. Third-party applications are called "skills".

Calculating your net income

The Salary Calculator is a quick and easy way to determine your net earnings.This skill understandably asks questions and helps you get all the necessary information to calculate your wages. The financial results can then be sent to any email address by voice command. Voice recognition understands a wide range of phrases, so even non-experts can use it and enter all the required data.

To use the Salary Calculator, you need an Amazon account and an Alexa-enabled device (such as the Alexa Echo, Echo Show, or the integration of Alexa into acar's system) or a smartphone. The skill can be found in the Alexa Skill Store or activated directly by Alexa, for example, by saying: "Alexa, aktiviere DATEV Lab Gehaltsrechner" (Alexa, activate the DATEV Lab Salary Calculator).

Further information

This video (in German) gives you an impression of the DATEV Lab Salary Calculator.