24 October 2019

DATEV Meine Steuern (My Taxes) Launched

New platform for cooperation with tax consultants is now available.

Tax payers asking a tax consultant for advise on their income tax declaration can now exchange documents or information safely via DATEV Meine Steuern (My Taxes). This online application now available offers a joint working platform which can be accessed by both clients and their tax consultant anytime.

Tax-relevant documents can also be digitized and entered anytime, simplifying the income tax declaration considerably. Communication and data exchange always takes place via the secure DATEV cloud.

In order to make documents available, the tax payer needs to upload them in Meine Steuern (My Taxes). Subsequently, they are available for the tax consultancy for further processing. By linking the document image with the corresponding line in the tax form the underlying document can later be found anytime in case of inquiries.

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