28 June 2019

DATEV Members' Representatives - Election 2020

In 2020 the representatives are elected for the representatives meeting as well as the council of the representatives.

In no other legal structure participation is as easy as in a cooperative.

Digitalization offers new perspectives. For tax consultants, lawyers, and tax advisors as well as clients.

Shaping a sustainable digital future is a challenge that can only be met jointly with all members. More democratic voice, however, means more participation.

Each cooperative is based on its members who can lastingly accomplish something using their vote in the DATEV members’ representatives meeting or the council of representatives.

The members’ representatives meeting is elected by the members and thus the cooperative’s virtual parliament. Members of the representatives meeting actively shape the general framework for the digital change being the stakeholder of all members. They can design even more as member of the council of representatives. They advise the executive board in technical, organizational, and economical questions, thus influencing the quality of the cooperative’s products and services. In 2020 the representatives are elected. This gives members the chance to use their right for participation and co-determination.