18 July 2022

DATEV, a reliable partner in difficult times

In 2021, the cooperative increased its sales revenue to 1.22 billion euros and started well into the first half year of 2022.

How much net do you take home after your gross salary? Ask Alexa, and she will tell you.

DATEV Lab has released the Alexa Skill "DATEV Lab Gehaltsrechner", a salary calculator. Using the voice assistant, this Alexa Skill can calculate your net salary with just a few details. The result can then be modified to see how, for example, a change in your tax bracket affects your net pay.

DATEV supports sustainable consulting processes

DATEV's CEO, Prof. Dr Robert Mayr, is convinced that cloud-based ecosystems with comprehensive data flows and processes between applications of all business partners are the IT infrastructure of the future. DATEV is successfully supporting its customers on their way to this future. Customer growth clearly indicates this: In May, the IT service provider DATEV passed the 500,000-customer mark. 99 per cent of these are members of the cooperative and their clients, many of whom already use cloud solutions. "We are consistently developing our product portfolio and interfaces consequently in this direction", says Mayr. "The aim is to create sustainable processes in tax offices and their collaboration with their clients, especially small and medium-sized enterprises".

That is why the IT service provider, organised as a cooperative, has set up a new state-of-the-art cloud-native data centre in addition to its traditional one, where all data and online applications were previously hosted. "This is a future-oriented basis for implementing and scaling new services and technologies faster and more efficiently in the cloud", states Mayr.

Cloud technology enables companies and consultancies to create comprehensive, integrated business processes across partners. Mayr used the example of e-invoicing (electronic invoicing) to illustrate the effects: if invoices are sent digitally to business partners via standardised data formats such as ZUGFeRD or XRechnung, all data contained therein can be processed automatically, for example, for financial accounting or payment release. Business tasks can be handled efficiently via comprehensive digital processes. With "DATEV SmartTransfer", the cooperative offers a solution the market has received very well. In 2021, more than 3.32 million documents were exchanged between companies using this solution. In May 2022 alone, there were 338,237 documents.

DATEV supports energy saving in its data centre

In times of massively rising energy prices, examining your IT infrastructure's high energy consumption closely is necessary. DATEV has invested heavily in its data centre in recent years, both in server equipment and measures to reduce energy consumption, particularly in cooling and ventilation systems. Thanks to these efforts, DATEV's data centre has an excellent PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) value of 1.4. This value indicates the relationship between the power consumed by the data centre and the actual performance of the IT infrastructure.

Since 2009, the capacity of the central processors has increased fivefold. DATEV's data centre capacity has grown from less than 1,000 terabytes in 2005 to more than 158,000 terabytes today. In 2011 there were 6,000 servers installed; today, there are 22,300. "All this shows the enormous growth of our IT infrastructure. At the same time, our electricity requirements have only increased by half in the last twelve months," explains DATEV's CFO Diana Windmei├čer.

Annual accounts 2021: a pleasing development in DATEV's international business

Looking at the 2021 annual accounts, CFO Windmei├čer is pleased that international business has developed positively in all sales organisations in Italy, Austria and the Czech Republic. For the first time, their total turnover exceeded 30 million euros. DATEV KOINOS, based in Milan, increased its turnover by 14 per cent to 24.2 million euros. The success factor was the "Fatture Go" e-invoicing solution. Electronic invoicing has been mandatory in Italy since 2019. DATEV KOINOS solutions were beneficial for companies during the transition.