18 July 2022

DATEV Reliable Partner Through Difficult Times

The cooperative increased its sales plus 2021 to 1.22 billion euros and started well into the first half year of 2022.

Cooperative IT service provider DATEV eG reached an increase of 5.5 percent in its turnover of 1.22 billion euros in the business year 2021 (1 January until 31 December). This is the result of the annual statement of accounts that was approved by representatives’ meeting on 24 June 2022.

The first half year of 2022 (1 January until 30 June) started well with a volume of sales of 639.6 million euros. The number of employees increased to 8,400. “Regarding the present tense economic situation in Germany, the EU, and worldwide we act as a reliable partner for our members and their mostly SME clients,” explained Prof. Dr. Robert Mayr, DATEV CEO, at the cooperative’s annual press conference.

Besides all political and macroeconomic challenges DATEV CEO Mayr is concerned with the current developments for the tax consulting profession and small and medium-sized enterprises. An extremely high workload in consultancies and urging operative crisis management in enterprises hardly leave any room for strategic development, especially for keeping pace with the technological change and becoming more resilient to crises. “This is what we have to deal with,” says Mayr.

DATEV’s new digitalization index shows that after a boost due to the Covid-19 pandemic today only few consultancies deal with the issue of changing their business model to digital processes.

DATEV Supports Sustainable Consultancy Processes

DATEV CEO Mayr is convinced that cloud-based ecosystems with comprehensive data flows and processes between applications of all business partners are the IT infrastructure of the future. DATEV successfully supports its customers on their way into this future. This the customer growth clearly shows: In May IT service provider DATEV passed the 500,000 customers’ mark. 99 percent of these being members of the cooperative and their clients, many of them already using cloud solutions. “We develop our product portfolio and interfaces consequently in this direction,” says Mayr. “It’s all about creating sustainable processes in the consultancies and in their cooperation with their clients, especially small and medium-sized enterprises”.

That’s why the cooperatively organized IT service provider has set up a new ultramodern cloud-native computer center besides its classic computer center, which so far hosted all data and online applications. “This is a future-oriented basis for implementing and scaling new services and technologies in the cloud faster and more efficiently,” states Mayr.

Cloud technology allows enterprises and consultancies to create comprehensive integrated business processes across partners. Mayr showed its effects by the example e-invoicing (electronic invoicing): Sending invoices via standardized data format such as ZUGFeRD or XRechnung digitally to business partners means that all data included can be automatically processed further, for example for financial accounting or payment release. Business tasks can be accomplished efficiently via comprehensive digital processes. With “DATEV SmartTransfer” the cooperative has been offering a solution the market received very favorably. More than 3.32 million documents were exchanged between companies using this solution in 2021 – 338,237 documents in May 2022 alone.

DATEV Backing Energy Conservation in its Computer Center

In times of massively increasing energy prices it is necessary to have a close look at the high energy demand of IT infrastructure. DATEV has done large-scale investments in its computer center during the past years, in server equipment as well as in measures for reducing power consumption, especially cooling and ventilation systems. Due to this effort DATEV’s computer center has a very good PUE value (power usage effectiveness) of 1.4. This value indicates the relation between the power used for the computer center and the actual performance of the IT infrastructure.

Since 2009 the central processors’ capacity has increased fivefold. DATEV’s computer center capacity has risen from less than 1,000 terabyte in 2005 to more than 158,000 terabyte today. In 2011 there were 6,000 servers, today there are 22,300. “All this shows the enormous growth of our IT infrastructure. At the same time our power demand increased only by half during the past twelve months,” explains DATEV chief financial officer Diana Windmeißer.

Annual Statement of Accounts 2021: Pleasing Development in DATEV’s International Business

Considering the annual accounts 2021 CFO Windmeißer was pleased that the international business in all sales organizations in Italy, Austria, and the Czech Republic took such a positive development. Their overall sales exceeded 30 million euros for the first time. DATEV KOINOS, headquartered in Milano, increased its sales by 14 percent to 24.2 million euros. Success factor was the solution “Fatture Go” for electronic invoicing. In Italy electronic invoicing has been obligatory since 2019. DATEV KOINOS solutions were very helpful for the companies’ transition.