17 March 2020

DATEV Successful in Cloud

Turnover increases strongly by 6.4 percent to 1.100 billion euros. Dr. Robert Mayr: "Cooperative's strategy proves to be correct."

Strong demand, increasing users, and successful cloud solutions and services raised the turnover of DATEV eG in the previous business year 2019 (1 January until 31 December). While IT market growth slowed down slightly (2.9 percent), gross domestic product dropped by 0.6 percent, Nuremberg based software provider DATEV could clearly increase its growth by 6.4 percent against the trend (previous year: 5.7 percent). In figures this means a turnover growth of 66.4 million (previous year 56.1 million) euros to 1.100 billion (previous year 1.034 billion) euros.

With an increase in turnover of 37.4 million euros solutions used by tax consultants again grew most strongly, achieving a turnover volume of 789.5 million euros. Solutions for enterprises had an increase in turnover of 22.8 million euros to 234.8 million euros.

The number of employees increased by 321, mainly in the service and sales, development and IT infrastructure sections. As of 31 December 2019, 7,927 people were working for DATEV (previous year 7,606). Particularly pleasing is the growth of the number of the cooperative’s customers. It increased by almost 50,000 to roughly 350,000 (349,978 as of 31 December 2019). The number of members of the cooperative - tax consultants, auditors, and lawyers – was 40,174 at year end.

"With our successful IT solutions and mainly cloud applications we can provide the right solutions for consultancies faced with new demands from increasing digitalization of business processes and collaboration with their clients. This proves the correctness of our cooperative strategy to support nearly 350,000 customers, among them more than 40,000 members, during digital transformation. In 2019, an average of 13.3 million employees received their wage statements every month from a DATEV system - more than one million of them even fully digital," says Dr. Robert Mayr, CEO of DATEV eG. "Besides increasing demand of our customers the stable overall economic environment and Germany's high employment rate contribute to our cooperative's impressive growth path".

These business figures are preliminary.

For further details also read the press release (in German).