10 December 2020

DATEV to Become Day 1 Member of GAIA-X AISBL

Jointly building secure data standards for tomorrow.

DATEV eG participates actively in the GAIA-X project and will become day 1 member of the GAIA-X AISBL association. In the founding stage right now, it will consolidate and facilitate the initiative’s activities. This the IT service provider acknowledged at the GAIA-X summit. It considers both GAIA-X’s objectives as well as a joint European participation and cooperation with many renowned partners to be important elements for Europe’s digital future.

DATEV has been supporting GAIA-X’s promising concept since the initiative’s founding, especially by representing the requirements of small and medium sized enterprises regarding the European data infrastructure and integrated interoperate services. So far SMEs, which are so important for the European economy, have hardly benefited from platform solutions. Data availability based on joint standards and a sovereign European data eco system guaranteeing highest security standards are suitable triggers to improve the situation of small and medium sized enterprises significantly.

“GAIA-X opens many possibilities to offer enterprises and their tax consultants forward-looking solutions which can use and integrate economic data better in business processes,” says Jutta Rößner, member of the board of management and in charge of DATEV’s ecosystem and enterprise architecture management. “We would like to contribute our know how and experience when designing GAIA-X’s relevant standards and secure technical and processual interfaces”. Besides project structures already set DATEV favors a stronger involvement of politics and administration. If they actively contribute their own digitalization projects within the scope of this initiative it will help strengthen e-government in Germany and Europe.

In GAIA-X, DATEV acts as an important player in a big community. Besides the initiative’s 22 founding members more than 100 enterprises will be represented in GAIA-X AISBL as day 1 members. Furthermore, over 350 organizations are active, reaching from major corporations through medium sized enterprises, universities, and start-ups to public corporations and research institutions. In more than 20 decentrally organized joint teams they work on Europe’s data future. And this is a lighthouse project beyond Europe: 800 international members participate in its exchange of information via a collaboration platform.