28 March 2019

DATEV Turnover Exceeds One Billion

Turnover increases by 5.7 percent to 1.034 billion euros. Dr. Robert Mayr: "Well-positioned with our offer."

Increasing digitalization of business processes gave DATEV eG a strong turnover boost in the previous business year (1 January until 31 December 2018). While market growth slowed down slightly (IT market 3.1 percent, gross domestic product 1.5 percent) Nuremberg based software provider DATEV could clearly increase its growth by 5.7 percent against the trend (previous year: 5.4 percent). Thus, the cooperative’s turnover exceeded one billion (1.034 billion; previous year 978 million) euros for the first time – marking the strongest absolute growth of the past ten years.

Increasing digitalization of business processes – for example in bookkeeping, balancing, and tax declaration – caused a higher demand for software products and cloud solutions, resulting in increased user figures. With an increase in turnover of 29.4 million euros solutions used by tax consultants again grew most strongly. Solutions for enterprises had an increase in turnover of 17.7 million euros or 9.1 percent. Therefore, a little less than one third of DATEV’s turnover growth (56.1 million euros) was achieved in the area of solutions used by enterprises.

Operating expenses increased less compared to turnover growth leading to a significantly higher operating result during the year under review. With 74.6 million (previous year 60.5 million) euros it lies by 14.1 million euros above previous year’s value.

The number of employees increased by 314 to 7,606 in annual comparison. This mainly effects the big sectors of development, service, and sales as well as production. Additionally, the cross solution center (XSC) was established: cross functional teams will accelerate strategic projects and speed up the organization’s reactivity to market changes.

The number of the cooperative’s members – tax consultants, auditors, and lawyers – dropped by 252 to 40,303 due to concentration tendencies in the tax consulting profession. More descriptive regarding business development is the number of customers, which increased by more than 39,000 to 301,334 (previous year 262,075).

These business figures are preliminary.

For further details also read the press release (in German).