15 May 2020

DATEV Upload Mail

Sending invoices via e-mail to DATEV Unternehmen online.

DATEV Upload Mail is a new and efficient way of sending digital documents to DATEV Unternehmen online.

As the procuct’s name suggests, documents are directly transmitted via e-mail. This is very effective, for example for incoming invoices, which you received as PDF attached to an e-mail in your post box. This mail can be easily forwarded with one click. There is no need to save the PDF file in your cache. This forwarding also works with all other document types – and of course from smartphones, too.

An authentication, for example via DATEV SmartCard, is only required for installation. The upload itself works without further checking.

Of course you can continue to upload your documents with DATEV Upload online on your computer (see DATEV Upload online – overview ).