24 August 2020

Digital & Print Solution Center

Highest security and quality for printing and processing of confidential data.

Every day highly confidential data is printed and processed here – for insurance and finance businesses, local and public authorities. On schedule output in compliance with a high security and quality standard is guaranteed.

This premium service of the Digital & Print Solution Center (DPSC) is regularly confirmed through many external certificates and attestations .

Latest Technology


On 12,000 square meters our production unit applies the latest technology.

Transaction printing of business documents offers you service from a single source, reaching from graphic support through consulting and concept to data editing, production, and shipping.

DATEV is an Experienced and Reliable Partner for Digital Transformation

Each months about 13.5 million payslips as well as annual accounts and further print products are produced in the DATEV Digital & Print Solution Center (DPSC).

Also, the DPSC supplies companies from all sectors with various digital and print services: from public institutions through insurances and banks to international industrial companies as well as the health care sector. This means individual customer requirements.

Single print orders, complete outsourcing of printing or digital shipping, and receiving of documents: DATEV is an experienced specialist!

Secure Digital Exchange of Sensitive Business Documents

DATEV is your professional partner when it comes to the digital exchanging of sensitive business documents. Invoices, credit notes, reminders or delivery notes: all relevant documents can be exchanged digitally, fast, and economically – regardless of format and platform independent with the Digital & Print Solutions.

Using DATEV Digital & Print Solutions you can send and receive electronic bills in different formats. You can have both your physical and your electronic voucher generated in your desired format, processed or shipped – ideal first steps into electronic billing.

This service is nearly unlimitedly scalable, therefore suitable for both sole proprietors and corporations.

Transaction documents are digitally exchanged via your chosen channel, such as e-mail or an online portal such as DATEV SmartTransfer.

If you have any further questions regarding the Digital & Print Solution Center please contact our staff at +49 911 319-40176.