26 August 2016

Dr. Heinz Sebiger 1923 – 2016

On 25 August 2016 Dr. h.c. Heinz Sebiger, co-founder of DATEV eG, passed away aged 93 years. With him we lose a personality whose pioneering spirit opened information technology for the tax consulting profession more than 50 years ago, thus giving completely new groundbreaking impulses.

Thanks to his foresight and tireless energy DATEV could prosper over the decades from a small cooperative to one of the leading European software companies. We acknowledge his unique achievement. We thank Heinz Sebiger, whose friendliness, modesty, and integrity even today is an influential role model for an institution that sees itself first and foremost as a service provider. All our sympathy is with his family, relatives, and friends.

Dr. Robert Mayr on behalf of the management and staff of DATEV eG