21 November 2019

Generating Statements in English

Gross/net wage statements can be generated in English with the DATEV software LODAS and Lohn und Gehalt.

Users of LODAS classic/comfort and Lohn und Gehalt classic/comfort can additionally generate wage statements in English. It does, however, not apply to the Construction Wages and Public Sector categories. Upon selecting the respective setting for HR reports in LODAS, all employees will additionally receive their social security statement and withholding tax statement in English. These statements in English are for informational purposes only and are not suitable for submission to German authorities. The German versions are still required for this purpose.

Employee Information Forms in English

The document Personalfragebögen zur Vorerfassung von Personaldaten (only in German) contains the following employee information forms in English:

  • Employee information form for new employees
  • English information form for new employees – mini jobs/part-time employees, short-term employees
  • English employee information form: Information required to create a Sofortmeldung (immediate registration of employee for social security purposes)

For more information see this document .