29 June 2018

Members' Representatives Meeting Agrees on Amendment of DATEV's Statutes

79.36 percent of the delegates voted in favor of the amendment.

The representatives of DATEV members agreed to change the DATEV statutes at its 49th members’ representatives meeting on 29 June 2018.

At Meistersingerhalle in Nuremberg, 79.36 percent of the delegates voted in favor of the suggested amendment to the statutes, brought forward by the executive board.

The amendment allows DATEV eG business operations with other non-members. The present statutes did not allow such business relations. Now the basis is set on which DATEV could - within the scope of the so called tax payer scenario - offer private persons without tax consultant basic tax declaration services, such initiating contact to a tax consultant.

Dr. Robert Mayr, chairman of the executive board, thanked the representatives for the trust perceived. "I consider the vote as a confirmation of the course taken and a task to prepare the cooperative for future challenges of the digitalization in the interest of our members," said Mayr after the voting.