1 August 2018

DATEV Continues Digital Trend in the First Half Year 2018

Turnover increased by 5.6 percent due to digitalization in consultancies and enterprises.

DATEV eG benefits from the trend for consistent digital processes for business operations in consultancies and enterprises. In the first half year 2018 (1 January to 30 June) the IT service provider increased its turnover by 5.6 percent (4.6 percent last year’s period) to 512.3 million euros (485.2 million previous year). "For 2018, too, we expect a full-year increase rate of more than 5 percent," said Diana Windmeißer, member of the executive board and chief financial officer of DATEV eG, at DATEV’s annual press conference in Nuremberg.

This positive first half year development is due to an increased use of DATEV solutions for financial and payroll accounting. The number of payslips proceeded by DATEV as well as the number of DATEV Unternehmen online users increased yet again. Also, the number of registered employees in the cloud application DATEV Arbeitnehmer online now has increased to more than 500,000 by the end of June, thus doubling within one year. With this solution user receive their payslips only digitally. "This example shows that we are well positioned with our offer and can excellently support the digital transformation of business processes," Windmeißer explains.

The number of DATEV employees increased, too. From January until the end of June 2018 95 employees net joined the IT service provider; as of 30 June 2018 the Nuremberg cooperative has 7,387 staff members. At the end of last year there were 7,292 employees.

The cooperative’s annual accounts 2017 were approved by the members’ representatives meeting on 29 June 2018. Turnover increased by nearly 50 million euros to 978.0 million euros in 2017 (928.3 million euros previous year). This is a turnover growth of 5.4 percent compared to last year. "All our product groups contributed to this pleasing growth," Windmeißer explained. DATEV continuously grows in its core business, due in no small part to many cloud-based offers. Nearly 40 percent of its growth results from such cloud solutions. For example, 1.7 million annual reports were transmitted via the DATEV Data Center to the fiscal authorities in electronic form in 2017 – more than ever. This is an increase of nearly 8 percent compared to last year. The number of DATEV Unternehmen online users increased by 28,000 to 107,000 in the same period.

The number of cooperative members – tax consultants, auditors, and lawyers – remained with 40,555 at last year’s level (2016: 40,559). They benefitted from the company’s positive development through the so-called refund, consisting of five percent of last year’s refundable turnover. In all, DATEV members will be refunded 41.2 million euros.

For further details see DATEV's annual report summary 2017 .