7 June 2021

Strong Partner for Project HIVE Nerd Culture Center

Nuremberg-based IT service provider DATEV supports esports community and promotes gaming’s positive effects.

For a long time, the gaming scene had been underestimated. By now, surveys have shown that esports means not only the playing of computer games but creativity, strategy, and team spirit. Gaming supports cognitive development, for example coordination and visual thinking. It improves one’s English. And it can even intensify team performance by team members’ behavioral adaptation, thus building a culture of trust.

These are all reasons to promote esports – even for DATEV. As of late, the IT service provider sponsors the project HIVE Gaming e.V. Founded three years ago, the association has taken up the cause of connecting the virtual gaming world with offline everyday life – thus giving the nerd image a positive connotation. By now, it is Germany’s biggest nonprofit esports tournament organizer.

Its base will be a new nerd culture center, a meeting place in Nuremberg for esportspeople as well as gaming and IT-savy sympathizers. The premises will have a “training camp” for teams from all over Europe as well as facilities for voluntary youth work, among others. Its opening is scheduled for this summer.

HIVE Dispenses with Common Clichés

“It’s magnificent how HIVE puts an end to stereotypes and supports talented players,” says Simone Wastl, corporate secretary of DATEV. Also, the association has established a large community, its members supporting each other. “All this is an enrichment for Nuremberg, being the city of games, as well as the whole region – and it matches our cooperative’s values.” Therefore, DATEV wants to be a strong partner and pioneer.

This year, the IT service provider is also partner of the “DATEV Ultimate Series”, a tournament series organized by Project HIVE, where the Nintendo game “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” is played – presently due to the coronavirus online only.

Considering all positive effects of gaming: it is important for all those playing not to neglect other activities such as meeting friends. The new nerd center brings both aspects together. And more than that: “Everything Nuremberg needs to become an esports stronghold within the next five to ten years merges there,” says HIVE chairman Anthony John Munk.