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Cross-border Controlling

When controlling works seamlessly across national borders, conditions for an economically successful company management are given. Despite different national requirements, you have your company data and information firmly in sight with the right solutions from DATEV.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

A well-organized business management plan is required to succeed in global markets. This especially applies to enterprises with international subsidiaries, since management has to work perfectly across national borders as well.

DATEV Converter

Standardize controlling throughout your enterprise with the international controlling offerings of your tax consultant. The solution: DATEV Converter (please refer to PowerPoint file at "Further information") can be used internationally, and it automatically and concisely prepares the subsidiaries' financial accounting data for the DATEV accounting solutions.

For example, the familiar and proven controlling evaluation of DATEV, business analysis, and controlling report are immediately available for you and your tax consultant. The advantages are obvious:

  • Easy: The data of the subsidiary are prepared and can be integrated automatically into the accounting program DATEV Rechnungswesen pro at the German parent.
  • Seamless: The economic data flow between parent and subsidiary is optimized - without language barriers and in the familiar image of the business analysis.
  • In due time: timelines for reporting are met.

Streamline Your International Controlling Process

The DATEV Converter consists of three components, all of which have one goal: to make controlling and reporting across national borders transparent and to simplify your administrative processes within the company, thus speeding them up and improving them:

  • conversion program with initial analysis
  • assistance when installing the program
  • ongoing support including a bilingual hotline

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You are internationally active. These are your advantages when cooperating with a tax consultant:

Cost Saving

Working in an international environment presents great challenges for enterprises. In order to succeed in cross-border cooperation, in-depth fiscal knowledge is required. This will give you tangible cost savings: with your professional's expertise in international tax law, your tax consultant saves you from double taxation. He also supports you with employee posting - whether abroad or in Germany - and other economic issues, for example:

  • Can foreign losses be claimed in Germany?
  • Is transfer pricing efficient, legally safe and documented?
  • How can domestic investments of non-resident taxpayers be optimally structured?
  • What are the risks with tax audits?
  • Are there any liability risks?

Your tax consultant is also the right person to talk to if you are a subsidiary of a multinational group in Germany, or if you plan to be one.

Time Saving

Your tax consultant reduces your workload of taxation tasks and optimizes your reporting for enterprises, which are active in Germany or in foreign countries. Due to increased efficiency in controlling and reporting, there are no problems given anymore with lack of transparency in the figures of branch offices or different reporting structures. With your tax consultant, you can standardize controlling in your entire enterprise. At your request and in cooperation with your tax consultant, DATEV undertakes installing the conversion program in the financial accounting program of the foreign subsidiary. Moreover, your business analysis gains sharpness - and you save time, allowing more time to focus on your business.

Working Together in Partnership

Lay the foundation for your success in foreign markets with the support of your tax consultant. You and your employees may read up on the international controlling offer. Your tax consultant and DATEV would be glad to give you advice.



Globally active enterprises need an economically successful management control. This requires a smoothly running controlling – across borders. Equipped with appropriate DATEV software solutions, you have the best overview of any relevant business figures and information, regardless of divergent national requirements.

Keeping the best overview of all economically relevant figures across national borders is crucial for the international controlling process. Aggregating different accounting data into a central database is the major challenge. DATEV Converter is the best solution for optimizing the global data integration of parent companies and subsidiaries. The included converter organizes the different accounting data of local accounting of foreign companies so it can be integrated into DATEV Rechnungswesen correctly. The organized data then is available for further processing.

Customers Voice

LUXCARA GmbH is an internationally active asset manager in the field of renewable energies head quartered in Hamburg, Germany. In the following video (in German) you can see how LUXCARA integrates its foreign financial accounting data to DATEV Rechnungswesen for their international controlling by using DATEV Converter.