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Data Import and Export with the dab:exporter

The dab:exporter is a solution for data access and extraction in compliance with ACL™, GDPdU and csv.

The dab:exporter allows direct access to ERP, database and archival systems. In addition, the software provides unrestricted access to tables within an SAP® R/3® system and enables the extraction of data from all SAP® R/3® modules in compliance with the GDPdU. The data can also be exported in ACL™ format so that immediate analysis is possible without any additional manual adjustment being necessary.

The dab:exporter's assistant program supports users when selecting and extracting data from SAP® R/3®. Tables may be selected from any SAP® R/3® system. Here, the dab:exporter supports clustered, pooled and transparent table types. Table queries can be refined by defining filters so that only relevant data is extracted, for example, the data from a specific period in time.


  • Data migration: extraction of mass data from SAP® R/3®, Navision®
  • Data validation and conversion into various target formats (e.g. GDPdU, ACL, csv)
  • Standardised checking routines, e.g. for sales controlling, for supporting internal and external audits
  • Support of digital company analyses
  • Export of mass data without limiting the datasets
  • Specific table knowledge for SAP® R/3®: which information is saved in which SAP® R/3® tables and fields
  • Filter function to only extract relevant data

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