Our Offer

Digital Data Analysis

Do you need to analyse data? Our solution: digital data analysis using DATEV Data assurance framework.

  • In cooperation with ACL Services Ltd. DATEV has succeeded in developing an exceedingly powerful software for the digital analysis of data with a convincing and intuitively operable graphic interface
  • The dab:exporter is a solution for data access and extraction in compliance with ACL, GDPdU and csv.
  • With the program DATEV Data Assurance Framework more than 50 defined and automatically running auditing procedures from various fields are at your services (e.g. Benford analysis, Gaps, chi-square test, Identical number etc.)
  • Nearly all data types, regardless of file size, may be analysed and interpreted in a simple, quick and reliable way
  • Target group of the solution are users who want to have a collection of audit ideas which are easy to use, to get first quick results without having deeper knowledge of ACL for Windows or want to share audit analytic information across an audit team