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In order to keep up with all the legal and economic changes DATEV offers a variety of eLearning courses. For all requirements - anytime, anywhere.

Stay up to Date

Current information on changes – especially legal and economic amendments – is essential for providing excellent service to clients. So it is important for this information to be distributed to all practitioners in order to keep their knowledge up to date and quality of services on a high level. That is why short notice and on-demand learning are needed to meet your requirements. Today’s technology enables learning and training at any time, anywhere and at a rate that suits you, without the need to travel. Some professional organizations have defined a minimum number of hours education their members need to complete. If appropriate, training units can also meet this requirement – anytime, anywhere.

DATEV Education

DATEV Education is a globally accessible eLearning service for advanced education. The contents are provided as video courses can be accessed as you need them. Additional documents are linked to the video courses and are available for download.

For some countries DATEV Education courses can be used as part of the minimum education requirements as stipulated by local authorities. New content is added constantly covering national and international topics. Thus, you can establish a professional in-house education system for all your employees without them travelling or spending too much time out of office.