DATEV - only a green symbol?

To many, DATEV is not much more than only a green symbol you see in the newspaper. But those who know DATEV better can tell that this square stands for high quality software solutions and IT services for auditors, tax consultants, and lawyers as well as entrepreneurs in many countries. The cooperative can look back on more than 40 years of experience. In spite of rapid changes in technology, one thing has remained unchanged throughout all these years: the aspiration of all DATEV employees for the best quality. We do not rest until we have achieved it.

At home in the World

DATEV is the cooperation partner for the auditing, tax consulting and legal profession and supports its customers worldwide with IT services and consulting. DATEV has set up an efficient network on which auditors, tax consultants and their clients can rely on in times of globalization and international exchange.

Closely connected

The continuous dialogue between DATEV and its customers forms the basis for their cooperation. Through this close contact, DATEV learns about the needs of auditors, tax consultants and clients. Therefore, DATEV can give customer care and support, offering lasting solutions for the economic success of its members and clients.


Sustainability is an essential part of our philosophy. We balance our performance over three general categories: economic, social and environmental matters. Our focus lies on activities with positive effects in all the three categories. Therefore, we have developed sustainability guidelines that shape our business matters. DATEV is not interested in short-term success. Our concept of sustainability is based on using and developing economic, social and natural resources in ways that meet current needs without impairing the ability of future generations to meet their needs. As our claim states: Shaping the future - together.

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