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Financial Statements and Reports

DATEV Report offers support when creating annual financial statements. Most types of evaluation are available to select from (e.g. balance sheet). Reports and evaluations may be customized to your needs. The data model always guarantees consistency of information in the report.

DATEV Report allows financial statements, the company's financial highlights and the management's performance to be compiled in a scalable way. This means providing details following the requirements of the individual stakeholders. Your financial statements may be drawn up in the form of a marketing brochure, using fine-quality paper with pleasing graphics and photos in the annual report for stakeholders. Use this information in a smart way during your client presentations, too.

Documentation is needed to explain in detail how you derived the financial statements, and in order to ensure that the company is responsible for the preparation of these. A checklist system ensures that important actions and calculations are not forgotten, and it guides you through the whole preparation process. Individual checklist items help you to remember client-specific tasks.

Are you interested in the international versions in English of DATEV Financial statements and reports? Please contact us at info@datev.com for more information or you may use our contact form.