Our Software Offer

Tax Calculation and Tax Declaration

The services tax calculation and tax declaration are the core business of a tax consultant's office.

DATEV supports the entire process within the tax office by providing the appropriate software. This software is specifically tailored to the particular needs of a tax consultant.

Products and Services

Personal tax

  • Handling of income tax declarations
  • Special software for inheritance and gift taxes

Corporate tax

  • Handling of corporate tax declarations as well as local business tax declaration
  • Handling of value added tax declarations

Additional offers

  • Software to request a client's tax account balance online
  • Special tax forms
  • Target-oriented evaluation with the DATEV program Daten-Analyse-System pro
  • Calculation lists to check the tax burden (also in English for foreign clients)

Electronic Tax Declaration

Since the tax assessment period 2011, companies are obliged to file their tax declaration electronically. This regulation affects especially corporate tax, local business tax and value added tax as well as income tax if the taxpayer achieves business income, income from agriculture and forest economy and/or income from independent work or services. It is possible to electronically file a tax declaration by using DATEV software.

DATEV offers - via partners and foreign subsidiaries - high-quality and reliable solutions in several countries, based on the legal standards of each country, regarding the tax declaration.