Looking ahead

Foundation "DATEV-Stiftung Zukunft"

With the establishment of the non-profit DATEV foundation „DATEV-Stiftung Zukunft" the cooperative wants to set a long-term sign – also for future generations. The foundation is intended to make a sustainable contribution to the promotion and development of measures in the fields of IT and data protection, finance, tax and legal matters as well as cooperatives.

In December 2014, DATEV eG established a charitable foundation. With a view to its 50th anniversary in 2016, DATEV is thus setting an important signal. The DATEV foundation aims to support all areas inspired by the core concern of the DATEV cooperative as an IT service provider for the tax, auditing, and legal professions. For DATEV members, a wide variety of values are already emerging from their cooperative: from current software solutions and services to membership in a strong community. With the establishment of the DATEV Foundation Future, long-term values are now also created by sustainably promoting topics that contribute to the future and competitiveness of DATEV members. At the same time, our commitment to the foundation's goals outlined above fulfils a social responsibility.

The foundation was established with an amount of 3.6 million euros.