Your career at DATEV

DATEV eG is Germany's third-largest provider of business software solutions (IDC 2020 ranking) and one of the biggest European IT service providers. Headquartered in Nuremberg, it offers software, cloud solutions and expertise. This forms the basis for digital collaboration between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the tax consultants who look after the business administration needs of companies.

Facts and figures about DATEV

Over 8,800 employees work for DATEV

More than 600,000 customers throughout Germany

Over 200 software and cloud solutions

Supporting a total of 2.5 million customers

One of Europe's largest software companies

Annual turnover of more than 1.4 billion euros

We are DATEV

At DATEV, we provide our members and customers with sustainable, long-term, comprehensible solutions; we are not focused on short-term profits. Although we employ more than 8,800 people, our working environment is very informal and friendly – we take good care of our members and employees. May we give you an example? We have had only three CEOs since our company was founded in Nuremberg in 1966.

Working at DATEV

Working at DATEV means working in Germany - it's a great place to live! So, you either already live in Germany or plan to do so. Our business language is German; therefore, we will support you in learning it from the start.

We want you

Remote workers, hackathon athletes, future heroes, boringly ordinary nerds: IT professionals don't fit the mould. And that's perfectly fine. As an IT company, we embrace diversity and look for people who are just as diverse as we are. People who see opportunity as a challenge. Who want to work in a company that makes many things possible. Join our team!

The essence of our business: IT

From IT security, programming and administration to research, communities and agility – we offer our members and customers a wide range of solutions: cloud applications, mainframes, apps or desktop and web applications. From monolithic to modern microservices architecture – at DATEV, you can see, design, and develop complex architectures in practice.

Technology stack

Working in IT means lifelong learning. And as we learn, new technologies come along. Here's a short overview of our technology stack; check it out!

  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry (Paas)
  • Scala
  • PostgreSQL
  • Elastic Search
  • Spring Boot
  • Websphere Application Center
  • JEE
  • .Net core
  • Kafka
  • TypeScript
  • Java
  • C#
  • .Net
  • Ceph
  • IBM DB2
  • C / C++
  • node.js
  • IBM MQ Series
  • Java Script
  • Kubernetes 
  • Kotlin 
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MongoDB
  • Assembler
  • Python