Jesteśmy DATEV. I potrzebujemy Ciebie.

Jako wiodący software house w Europie otwieramy IT Hub w Warszawie. Dołącz do nas!

Potrzebujemy Ciebie.

Remote-Workers, weterani hackathonu, ludzie IT nie znoszą kieratu.

W DATEV też go nie lubimy. Kochamy różnorodność i szukamy różnorodnych pracowników, którzy myślą nieszablonowo, a w każdej nowej możliwości dostrzegają wyzwanie.

Szukamy ludzi, którzy chcą pracować w firmie, w której niemożliwe staje się możliwe. Mówiąc krótko: szukamy Ciebie.

Jesteśmy DATEV.

Jesteśmy międzynarodową firmą, która oferuje atrakcyjne warunki zatrudnienia: elastyczny czas pracy, interesujące szkolenia oraz różnorodne projekty.

Pracujemy globalnie, więc komunikujemy się w języku angielskim:

We are DATEV. And we want you!

DATEV Facts & Figures

Founded in 1966, we are one of Europe’s major software providers.

With our own data center, we offer solutions for accounting, HR, office management, tax computation, business consulting, and much more.

We have more than 8,800 employees.

We are headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany.

Working for DATEV Poland

This year we will celebrate our twentieth anniversary in Poland and now you can become part of our DATEV family! As a software company, we embrace diversity - and we look for people who are just as diverse as we are.

Located in the heart of Warsaw, we work in the modern co-working space Brain Embassy, that offers flexibility and endless opportunities to collaborate with your team and beyond. And on those days when you don’t want to come into the office, you can work from home with our flexible home office policy.

You will work closely with our German colleagues to drive the development of our solutions towards a cloud portfolio. Agile principles, self-organisation and empowerment are very important to us. We see opportunities as challenges and work together to find the best solutions for our customers.

And we never stop learning. At DATEV, we constantly strive to challenge the status quo. We see learning as an integral part of our lives and we encourage you to expand your knowledge and technical skills while working for us. From communities of practice to attending professional conferences, there are endless opportunities to develop and share your knowledge.

We are looking for talent for a long-term employment relationship to join our software development teams in Poland. Our working language is English.

Ready to apply? Then apply for (one of) the following position(s):

Our culture

Here at DATEV we are first and foremost one thing: green. Well, actually, we are rather colorful and diverse. However, although DATEV is a big company, full of different types of people our work environment can be described as almost family like.

We strive for a satisfactory work-life-balance that motivates and provides safety all the same. But still DATEV is in the middle of radical change: We are evolving from on-premises solutions to the cloud world. From an area-centered business organization to a cross-functional one. Surely that’s a great challenge, but if all our employees work together, we will succeed.

As a company, we must be ready for digitalization to provide adequate support and consultation for our members and customers as soon as they start working on their own digital strategy. Challenges this big can only be mastered as a team.

That’s why our motto is: “Shaping the future. Together”.

The essence of our business: IT

From IT security, programming and administration via research and various communities through to agility – we offer our members and customers a variety of solutions: cloud applications, mainframes, apps or desktop and web applications. From monolithic to modern micro services architecture – at DATEV you can see, shape, and develop complex architectures in practice.

More interesting topics

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