DATEV Germany

Coordinated software and services provide an integrated solution for tax consultants, auditors, lawyers, and their clients. Whether accounting, office management, human resources, financial statements and information technology or cloud computing, DATEV offers intelligent solutions for your requirements. To provide information and education, DATEV offers a range of customer support,software training, and individual consulting and training.

What does do?

The cooperative DATEV eG, founded in Nuremberg in 1966, is a software company and IT service provider for tax consultants, auditors, lawyers, and their clients. DATEV supports these target groups in accounting, business consulting, taxes, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), organisation, and planning. Currently, DATEV has over 620,000 customers and 8,800 employees and is one of Germany's leading information service providers and software companies. 

When was DATEV Germany founded?

More than five decades ago, in February 1966, DATEV eG was founded as a cooperative self-help organisation. As the number of members grew, it became possible to set up a computer centre in 1969. Following the introduction of remote data transmission in 1974 and establishing an electronic data transmission network in June 1976, DATEV and the Japanese company TKC manifested their alliance in 1982. In 1996, DATEV's founder and CEO, Dr Heinz Sebiger, retired and handed the reins to Prof Dieter Kempf. At the beginning of 2000, DATEV expanded into the European markets with cooperations in the Czech Republic, Austria, and Italy. Other partnerships and joint ventures, such as with SINFOPAC S.L., followed. In 2015, the DATEV IT Campus was opened in Nuremberg as a software development centre. Dr Robert Mayr became Chairman of DATEV's executive board on 1 April 2016.