DATEV Hungary

Elökészítés Kft. offers Hungarian tax consultants DATEV Report for balancing and preparing annual financial statements (balance sheet, profit and loss statement,including ABEV schedule for corporate tax). The Hungarian portfolio also includes DATEV Audit, which supports the auditor throughout the entire audit process - from importing and analysing annual data to adjusting entries and preparing the audit report.

What does the cooperation between DATEV and Elokészítés Kft. do?

The cooperation offers DATEV's audit software through a distribution partnership in Hungary. The programme supports the auditor throughout the entire audit process. Elokészítés Kft. offers DATEV Report to Hungarian tax consultants for balancing and compiling financial statements. The subsidiary also offers an eLearning platform as a support service.

When did the cooperation start?

DATEV has been working with Elokészítés to provide software for Hungarian accountants and tax consultants since 2003. The headquarters are located in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, and is managed by Vilmos Wessely. A local expert carries out all necessary adaptations of the DATEV software to Hungarian requirements.

The Hungarian portfolio

The Hungarian portfolio includes DATEV Audit which supports the auditor during the entire auditing process - from importing and analyzing annual data right up to adjusting entries and compiling the audit report. For balancing and compiling financial statements (Balance, Profit and loss statement including ABEV schedule for corporate taxes) Elökészítés Kft. offers "DATEV Report" to Hungarian tax consultants.