DATEV's european subsidiaries

DATEV Poland

Coordinated software and services provide an integrated solution for Polish tax consultants, auditors, and their clients. For DATEV Poland, analysing customers' needs is central to implementing professional software in the best possible way. We offer individual consulting, software and training. To support German-Polish / Polish-German organisations, DATEV Poland offers the DATEV Controlling Package International, a conversion tool for integrating accounting data from the Polish subsidiary to the German parent company.

What does DATEV Poland do?

DATEV Poland specialises in cross-border accounting software solutions for German-Polish and Polish-German companies. It offers a complete service, from pre-analysing individual needs to implementing suitable solutions, training, and projects. The key is the analysis of the client's needs. That is why DATEV Poland's software implementation consists of seven elements: pre-analysis, system installation, configuration, integration with other systems, implementation of individual solutions, training, and after-sales service.

When was DATEV Poland founded?

In 2003, the joint venture DATEV Symfonia Sp. z o.o. was established together with the Polish software producer S.A. Later in 2010, DATEV became the sole owner of the Polish subsidiary, which was renamed The company is based in Warsaw, the Polish capital. Since July 2021, we have been a permanent establishment of our German parent company DATEV eG. This enables us to provide our clients with faster and more flexible support.