3 March 2022

Payslips for 14 million employees via DATEV

Above-average growth following a drop due to the coronavirus now causes new record.

Following a drop due to the coronavirus the job market is in the ascendant again. Since the number of employees is increasing, more payslips are required. This becomes evident at DATEV eG: In December 2021 the amount of employees receiving a payslip generated by DATEV software passed the mark of 14 million. While the job market reached the same level as it had before the Covid-19 pandemic IT service provider DATEV managed to gain clearly beyond that.

The main reason being DATEV’s cooperative and sustainable business model of supporting enterprises in all issues concerning payroll accounting, jointly with their tax consultants. Currently most new jobs are generated in small and medium-sized enterprises, therefore, DATEV members’ close relation to the SMEs is of advantage. This tendency is increased by two developments: Due to constant new legal regulations the complexity of payroll accounting increases. For enterprises it is getting difficult to find highly specialized professionals. This increases the readiness to outsource payroll accounting to the tax consultancy.

The number of employees whose payroll accounting is carried out with DATEV software is growing strongly ever since the launch of DATEV. Due to the Covid-19-related restrictions and their effect on the job market DATEV notices a cyclical reduction in payroll accounting in 2020 as well as the first half year of 2021. Since May 2021 there is an upward tendency and now DATEV could even exceed the highest level to date. The 13 million mark was passed in July 2018.