Our offer

International and German Desk

Whether international clients have questions on DATEV eG in Germany or German tax consultants, auditors, lawyers or enterprises plan to expand to foreign countries - a team of experts is there to help.

International Desk

Our International Desk wants to serve as the first point of contact for international clients with issues relating to Germany. It offers international tax consultants, auditors, and lawyers as well as international companies the opportunity to contact DATEVeG in Germany. The International Desk serves as a central hub so requests are passed on to the right places in our cooperative or involve the experts to support you and your business. Our employees advise you on our range of solutions, but also design individual concepts and provide you with the right information at any stage.

German Desk

The counterpart to the International Desk is our German Desk, offered by the national subsidiaries. It supports German tax consultants, auditors, lawyers, and German companies planning foreign activities abroad. Relating to the German Desk in Poland, for example, the national subsidiaries support you in all general enquiries and questions concerning the use of Polish software for German tax consultants and clients. In addition, DATEV. pl supports Polish clients and tax consultants who use German software in Germany and require an IT service interface for data transfer from Polish software systems. We also provide consulting services. Together with DATEV eG, the national subsidiaries will find your individual solution.