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Learn more about our culture, our learning and cooperation offers and our location.

Our culture

Working in a cooperative

At DATEV, we provide sustainable, long-term and sensible solutions for our members and customers. Short-term profits are not our focus. Although we employ around 8,400 people, our working atmosphere is family-like - because we look after our members and employees in equal measure. Since our foundation in 1966 in Nuremberg, for example, there have only been three CEOs.

The development of our employees is particularly important to us. Because those who learn a lot and continue their education also shape the solutions for our members in a future-oriented way. We are a cooperative for tax advisors, lawyers, auditors and their clients.

Our mission is to accompany and support them in their daily work but also on their way into a digitalised future over a long period of time.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are DATEV’s central values. Diversity is a process, a joint learning from and with each other and existential part of our social as well as workplace reality. We don't want to change people but shape our general framework together in order to collaborate productively and profitably in heterogeneity and diversity. Therefore, not only self-regulated communities such as the “Community of Practice Diversity” and the LGBTIQ network “alltogether@DATEV” work for us but also the executive department “Diversity & Transformation”.

We trust in a balance of specific actions such as diversity barcamps, exchange programs such as diversity talk or network events (with customers and members) such as learning circle experience “Diversity & Inclusion” or our sponsoring of “CSD Nürnberg” and an active participation, and a strategic entrenchment in our company goals via our partial strategy (social) sustainability, for example.

Corporate responsibility

Sustainability is a guiding principle for DATEV – because it is important to rethink – now. Our corporate responsibility is shown by the fact that we offer our customers top service and products on one hand and make a positive contribution to society, staff, and environment. For a sustainable future DATEV has high aims regarding climate protection, transparency, responsibility for society and staff, sustainable innovations and products. One of the most important goal being carbon neutrality by 2030. Another focus lies on our social interactions: Sincerity, understanding, and appreciation.

Learning & Cooperation

DATEV digicamps

If „camp“ makes you think of a camping trip you’ve never been to a DATEV digicamp. Digicamp is a series of events with the goal to jointly foster our company’s digital transformation and strengthen DATEV’s ability to manage change. Our main target group is our staff. To be inspired by external impulses there are internal tickets as well as tickets for external participants (e. g. customers, companies, partners, start-ups …). Each participant can choose from a wide range of sessions and arrange his or her day individually.

Therefore, DATEV increasingly uses this agile format. Staff barcamp, digicamp or CoCreation camp – these DATEV events are a perfect place to exchange know-how, built networks, and get impulses for one’s own field of work. At DATEV camps there are many dedicated colleagues willing to share their expertise and treat each other with great openness and appreciation.

Global Day of Code Retreat (GDCR)

You just love coding? Then our „ Global Day of Code Retreat" (GDCR) is perfect for you. For quite some years we have been hosting our own event at our IT campus on occasion of this worldwide action day. And we are very proud that our contribution to the GDCR is regularly one of the biggest events – even globally speaking. About 100 participants code, learn, and exchange views intensively. Of course there will be fun, too: following the coding sessions there is an event in the evening where all participants can meet other software developers, network and get a first glimpse of the DATEV world.


It’s obvious that the world is turning fast in the IT sector. Therefore, it is important to stay up-to-date and keep on learning. Lifelong learning isn’t just a buzzword for us, but part of our company culture. Exactly for this reason we have our own DATEV learning center and many different “Communities of Practice”, set up by our staff. Here, active members of staff meet regularly to exchange views on specific topics and upskill jointly. An example is the “Software Craft Community”. There are communities for certain specialist subjects or agile techniques such as “Scrum”. The open approach to knowledge and regular exchange among each other is one of DATEV’s trademarks.

Our location

Nuremberg and region

You are thinking of moving to or near Nuremberg? Good idea! Because about 3.5 million people call the metropolitan region Nuremberg home. And they seemingly love it since Nuremberg is one of thirty most livable cities worldwide. Economic strength coupled with high recreational value – a convincing combination. City of half a million inhabitants, Nuremberg has a lot to offer in all areas. Many restaurants, bars, and pubs invite you to have a laid-back evening. Events such as the “Blaue Nacht” (blue night), one of the biggest classic open air concerts worldwide or the “Bardentreffen” (gathering of bards) bring Nuremberg alive. Sports fans live in Nuremberg as well as those interested in culture. And those looking for peace and relaxation: All around Nuremberg there are many areas such as the “Fränkische Schweiz” (Franconian Switzerland) or the “Fränkische Seenland” (Franconian Lakeland), offering close-to-nature recreation areas.

P.S.: Those who love beer are in good hands in the Franconian metropolis. In our region there are about 160 breweries – one of the highest brewery densities worldwide!