Attractive place to work


We strive for a satisfactory work-life-balance that motivates and provides safety all the same.

Flexible working and home-office working flexibly

We offer a number of part-time job models which our executives also use. Should you work overtime these hours are not forfeited but added to your time account – thus giving you free time at your disposal. On a regular basis you have the opportunity to work remotely from your home-office. Wherever you work – DATEV supplies you with modern IT equipment.

Additionally, DATEV offers you extra holidays for special occasions in your life. In case you are moving or for your wedding day for example. Major events need to be celebrated.

Family and work

Reconciling family and work is not always easy. To guarantee a smooth transition DATEV developed multiple ways to simplify your life. DATEV's very own daycare spots are as given as our holiday care offers or retreat offices for parents with children. Flexible working hours and remote working as a possibility complete our versatile propositions to combine family and job. In case you want to escape your everyday life completely, DATEV supports you just the same: for example with a sabbatical.

Wage and salary

Fair pay: Who works hard should be paid well. The basis of our salary system are 13 monthly salaries plus holiday pay. Moreover, you participate in DATEV’s financial success. In addition, we honor individual achievements! Most of our employees benefit from heavily subsidized monthly tickets for Nuremberg’s public transportation system, food subsidies, capital-forming payments, deferred compensation and much more…


As fit as a fiddle: DATEV employs its very own company physician. This means you’re not only cared for in an emergency but in the long run. Yearly check-ups, flu shots, and consultations on vaccinations for example are part of our health care services. To us ergonomics is not just an empty word – DATEV breathes life into it. All our offices have ergonomic chairs, height adjustable desks, and daylight lamps. To keep you fit and active we offer versatile sports lessons – free of charge of course.

Learning and advanced training

„Lifelong learning”, that is not just an empty phrase. Our employees spend approximately six days a year further educating themselves. Our learning center offers over 1,000 different courses for your personal and professional growth. You can make use of most of those offers during your working hours. Furthermore, there are countless propositions for your free time from languages to sports. Everyone who prefers the practical exchange with others is invited to join our numerous “Communities of Practice”.

Read more about our offers for cooperation and communities.