DATEV International

The European Union is getting larger. Subsequently, the demands on the profession of tax consultants and lawyers as well as auditors are growing.

Therefore, DATEV has already begun building a network which supports members of the profession in all areas - throughout Europe, nationally and locally. National companies represent national concerns and support the German members of the profession in international matters. In this way, you find in Europe what you greatly value at home - professional software and practical services offered by DATEV.

That’s why DATEV started to look further, outside Europe. Since the foundation of the transoceanic alliance with the Japanese company TKC, DATEV sought for solutions for cross-order concerns of its members. With the beginning of the 21th century, DATEV opened up new markets within the European Union. After the establishment of s.r.o. to support the tax consulting profession in the Czech Republic as well as German tax consultants with local clients, DATEV followed its goal to support its members in an international context. Further market expansion with new sites in Austria, Italy, Poland, Hungary as well as Spain and Slovakia offer individual local solutions at DATEV quality standards. Due to an increasing cross-border trade and growing European law and tax matters, DATEV keeps an Information Office in Brussels, the heart of the European Union.